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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

The answer depends on how much existing information is available, or how much new content needs to be created. Most of the time the largest challenge is getting your content to our designers for implementation. A simple small business website can be completed in weeks, a large corporate website with many pages can take longer. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate of your requirements.

What do I need to get my website online?

You will need three things:

A Domain Name – a domain name or URL is your website address that your will register and people will recognize as your company or service. Most people consider it good marketing practice to try to incorporate your Name or Service and your location in your URL. For example: or We can help you get one or you can get your own from registrars like Hostgator (we use them) or GoDaddy. If you already have a domain name, we can transfer your domain to the new website.

A Website Hosting Company – a website hosting company actually holds all your files, text, images and videos on their web server for display on the internet. We can work with your host, or use one  of our own. We currently use Hostgator for our services and have been very happy with the performance and reliability. (Don’t use bargain priced hosts with poor down times, service interruptions and slow page loading.)

A Great Web Designer – what you build to deliver your message is just as important as the message itself. It’s great when “I know a guy” is there to help you with your website, but if you want a website that does what it is designed to do, and do it well, you will need an expert. Skimping on design will cost you more in lost opportunity than making the investment and reaping the rewards of a Boost Digital website.

How much does it cost?

Most of our services have the prices listed. Web design investments vary by the scope of the project. Some designers charge by the hour, others by the page. The short answer is that a brand new proper website from a professional will cost $2500-$5000 for most small to medium sized business and you will get back every penny you invest in your website platform. Larger medium sized and enterprise sized websites can cost $10,000 and up. Also, redesigning a website can be substantially less than designing a website, since much of the existing content can be repurposed. There are free sites that end up charging you to get a site that works marginally, and there are bargain DYI sites that will lack the support and structure necessary for your site to do what it should. A well designed website that attracts and converts traffic into customers generates business. Wasting money on bargain and free websites kills your market share and costs more money every minute. Remember, Boost Digital provides needs assessments that are always free.  *Ask us about our discounts for Nonprofits and charities.

Will I find my website on search engines?

Absolutely! After your site is finished, your site will be indexed by the search engines (this can take time). Once it is indexed, you website will list based on the keyword services and tags you decide upon. Our SEO services can help get you listed on local directories and maximize content that will improve your ranking. Our Digital Marketing services can help add traction to your website presence while you are waiting for indexing, or to help establish immediate leads and traffic.

Will my website be on page 1 in searches?

No one can promise page 1 results. (run away if they do!) But we can show you exactly where you are listing and why you are getting the results you have. We can also show you what your competition is doing if they are ranking higher than you. We can also show you how to improve your rankings and some suggestions to short cut and leap above your competition. Search ranking is a process, called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Contact us today if you have search ranking issues for a free consultation.

Gorgeous Design

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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