When is a Great Website Not Enough?

You’ve got the website, but not the results? Is your competition strong or stronger than you online? Have you been behind your competition for some time, and now you need a boost forward? Read on to see how and why Digital Display and Search Marketing can make the difference between making or losing profit from your online presence.

Pay Per Click Marketing (or PPC) Can Level The Field

Is your website stuck below your competition on the most valuable searches for your business? Have you been pushed off the top 3 of page 1 of google/bing and now your phone has gotten a lot quieter? Chances are that your lead traffic is down. A PPC Campaign can immediately boost you to back to the visible and trafficked areas of the search page! Contact us today if you have a traffic problem!

Smart Companies Leverage Social and Website Display Networks

According to a new cross platform report from Nielsen, U.S. adults spend 11 hours a day connected to electronic media. Get in front of your audience when they are considering topics related to yours. Display advertisements can show as text, picture, video and interactive media on thousands, if not millions of social, news, education, lifestyle and entertainment websites including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, AOL, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Demographic targeting and retargeting can allow you to laser in on your target audience and reach them when they are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Contact us to learn more!

Only Your Market & Only When They Are Buying!

Geo targeting is the term used for defining the demographics of a digital campaign based on geography. This can be by radius, zip code, state or region and depends on the particular platform. It means you only attract customers that are in your market. People search when they are ready to take action. Reaching your audience at this crucial point in the client process is essential. This becomes even more important when the search is mobile, and the audience is ready to find what they are searching for. Clients want immediate access to information and you want to be there when they do!



Retargeting is a feature of many digital ad campaigns. This feature allows your message to periodically reappear, follow, or “re-target” your audience increasing “front of mind” presence, and at a time that they may be closer to a decision. It’s like a consultant who automatically follows up with your clients at a later date reminding them of who you are and what you do! You may have noticed these ads yourself. The brightest companies stay with their audience building their presence as much as possible, while the other companies get browsed and forgotten. Contact us for an overview of Display Marketing today!

Fully Responsive Marketing

A Boost Digital Website can easily be viewed on any device, and your marketing should too! Our Digital campaigns can be designed to promote you across text, picture, video, gaming and mobile networks all at once.

Plans and Pricing

Contact us today for a free consultation about Search, Display and Video Ads. Contact us today or See FAQ below.

What Display and Search Marketing Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, we let customers do the talking!

“AdWords helped us generate site traffic. It is my impression that 80 percent of search traffic comes from Google.”

Walnut Creek Dental has been offering comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry since 1965. The key to their success has always been patient-centered care – a commitment they’re able to share more widely since getting their business on the web in 2009. By using AdWords to draw potential patients to their online video testimonials, the Walnut Creek Dental practice has grown almost 35%.

Massood Darvish

Walnut Creek Dental

“AdWords has been my most effective means of advertising since the beginning—which is why it gets 90 percent of my advertising budget.”

Founded in 2001, glassybaby sells unique, handblown glass votives in over four hundred colors. Their handmade products are available over the internet and at a few select retail locations in Seattle and San Francisco. The company considers online advertising an important piece of their web growth, and plans to keep investing in AdWords.

Lee Rhodes


“You can see what keywords are converting. You can see which ads are effective in driving traffic to the site. AdWords is an indispensable product for any commerce strategy.” 

Ryan Vesler started Homage to offer customers a window to the past, with vintage t-shirt designs celebrating music, sports, pop culture, and more. Today, local fans flock to his stores to see, touch, and try on Homage’s unique shirts

Ryan Vesler


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Search Ads / PPC and Digital Display Ads?

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising appears only on search engines pages when someone does a search for a term or topic. And PPC only costs you when someone actually clicks on your advertisement, kind of like a commision spokesperson who you only pay when they work. Display ads are found all over the internet on websites that are covering topics similar to yours.

How much does it cost?

Consultations are always free with Boost Digital. Much like traditional marketing, several factors go into how much a digital marketing campaign costs. Things like the scope or range of the campaign, how many features you choose to take advantage of, and the competitiveness of your keywords and industry can effect your investment. Surprisingly you can see start with a modest budget and build on your successes, or if you are already familiar with how well digital works for you, we are happy to show you how to expand and compound your reach and reward with digital marketing. To give you an idea, you can run a small business local city/county campaign for $75-150/month and large businesses in competitive fields like Attorneys and Lawyers can spend $5,000-6,000/ month and they reap incredible rewards when a single client is worth Ten’s of thousands of dollars.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. Seeing a campaign take hold and give real traction to your online marketing is very encouraging and we welcome you to discuss if further opportunities exist to expand your campaigns. Usually you can focus on wider or narrower product or service categories, market special events, or increase the range or change your geographic demographics. But once in a while we see better results when we contract or limit a particular campaign and move resources to complementary campaigns like Search + Display, or Display + Video, or the triple threat Search + Display + Video.

Can I cancel a campaign once it is started?

Campaigns are contracted on fixed period (usually 6 months), but depending on your package, you can usually change your add to a new/different focus. Ending or cancelling a contract, while extremely rare, can be done. Although choosing to do so may cause you to incur a penalty.

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