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Image, Carousel, Video and Mobile Ads targeted to laser specific audiences yield great results on any budget!

Facebook Advertising for business

What are Facebook ads?


Facebook Ads permit organizations to promote custom advertisements or content focusing on a particular group based on geography and many other demographics, with costs based on reach and engagement the campaign gets (you only pay for results). Facebook advertisements can show up in your intended interest group’s News Feed or right column of Facebook.

When you advertise on Facebook, you’ll gain insight about your current and potential customers. The data you collect through Facebook ads allows you to improve your ad targeting for a more efficient and effective advertising experience. Facebooks robust targeting combined with strong reporting insights has made it one of the most successful advertising platforms available. 

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Single Image Ad

The most common ad seen on Facebook is the single image ad / text ad. A strong visual with little text (less than 20%) when combined with a strong offer that is targeted to an audience that is receptive to that offer can yeild great returns. Image ads are effective on mobile and desktop.


Facebook Image Ad

Carousel Ads

Facebook carousel ads are attractive multi photo ads that allow you to place up to 10 images and links in 1 ad unit that direct people to specific locations on your website. These are great for special offers, products and services. When you have several related offers or messages, the Facebook Carousel Ad is a great way to get your message seen.

Facebook Carousel Ads


Facebook Video Ads

Video is currrently the most engaging medium on social. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth much, much more! Video views are the best way to get your message to your audience. The best videos are short and more and more affordable to create. Use your own creative or have us make one for you!

Facebook Video Ad

Facebook Slideshow Ads

Like a Facebook Carousel Ad, the Facebook Slideshow Ad is a video version of your images. Using 3-7 images you can create up to a 15 second video to share your message. It is a time and cost effective way to get your business on video. Clever and creative use of images can make this format work for a wide variety of campaigns.

Facebook Slideshow Ad

Facebook Canvas – Mobile Ads

Facebook Canvas is an ad platform that allows you to create fast loading mobile experiences that tell your story beautifully. It is a hosted immersive mobile experience on facebook that acts like a mini-site with multiple areas for interaction, exploration and engagement. It incorporates Image Ads, Slideshows, Carousels and Video in a mobile optimized format that gives campaign level exposure. It is content heavy and gives your audience tons of things to see and do, which is golden on social.

Facebook Canvas Ad Example

Let Facebook Bring You More Traffic Today!

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