Web Design Features

Complete Design

Your website is the window to your organization. It should tell your story, highlight your signature services, and match the tone and feel of your company.

Key Elements

Not all websites are created equal. Our websites are built with your function in mind. They are mobile, social, and easily found.

Target Audience

Getting in front of your audience with your site is easy with Boost Digital. Starting from a site with a solid organic SEO, it is easy to get even better results with your marketing campaigns.


Starting from a solid analysis of you competitive online environment, Boost Digital will outline and help you execute an online strategy to reach your goals. We make the complex simple!

Superior Website Design from the Inside – Out

The beauty of your website is important. The function is even more important. Fast loading times, easy search engine rankings, back link strategies, meta data and keyword utilization and optimization are essential elements to make your website work for you. It is OK if you don’t understand what those terms mean, the important thing is we do!- and we make your site work better.

Responsive website design

All The Right Things

When you know what goes into making a well ranking website and you tailor those qualities to the needs of your audience you get a Boost Digital website that outperforms the competition.

Fully Responsive Layouts

We know that your website needs to be accessible and readable on all devices. We engineer our websites to automatically display your information conveniently in what ever device your audience is using. Personal computer, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone; it doesn’t matter, your customers receive the same quality experience across all platforms automatically!

Responsive web design in Grand Rapids
Boost Digital Search Engine Report SEO Grand Rapids

Don't Hide Your Website!

Having a great looking website is only the first step. Having one that shows the search engines your relevance and authority in your specific market is key to winning the best search positions. We know how to build your site for search, and how to leverage the crucial components of web design that gets results. We’ll show you the digital landscape you compete in, and then we will show you how to thrive in it!

Social Media is Word of Mouth!

Nothing is more valuable than word-of-mouth. Smart organizations leverage the power of Social Media‘s word-of-mouth to powerful effect. Forbes reports that Social Media benefits are:  increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty,  more opportunities to convert,  higher conversion rates, greater brand authority,  increased inbound marketing, lower marketing costs, better SEO rankings, richer customer experiences and improved customer insights. This is a powerful boost to your website and online presence.

Boost Digital websites seamlessly incorporates social media access, increasing your audiences engagement with your social media channels.

Social Media Grand Rapids


Start today and begin leveraging the power of the internet for your organization today!

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